PRAB Special Issue

Refereed Publication of “North American Particle Accelerator Conference (NAPAC16)” papers

NAPAC16 authors who, in addition to publishing in the conference proceedings, wish to have a refereed publication, are encouraged to consider submission of articles to a Special Edition of the online journal Physical Review Accelerators and Beams (PRAB). Accepted papers, which relate to contributions of the NAPAC16 conference, will be issued in a special edition of this journal. Please note that for this option:

  1. Papers must contain additional material to the paper published in the conference proceedings. Typically the article may follow the same structure as the article presented to the North American PAC, but should contain extra theory, modeling, data, or data analyses.
  2. Authors must submit their manuscripts directly via the PRAB submission website.
  3. Papers will go through the standard independent refereeing process of PRAB.
  4. There is no deadline, but submission before 1 December 2016 is encouraged.
  5. The issuing of a Special Edition is subject to a minimum number of papers being accepted.

To allow the necessary coordination with PRAB, authors are requested when they submit papers for the workshop proceedings to inform the PRAB NAPAC16 Special Edition Editor whether they also intend to submit an extended article to PRAB.

In previous years there have already been several NA-PAC, PAC and IPAC conference editions. You may find the previous special editions at

PRAB NAPAC16 Special Edition Editor
Vladimir Shiltsev ([email protected])