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Paper Submission


Paper Submission Instructions

Paper submission is now open. The deadline for the submission of contributions to the Proceedings is

October 5, 2016

This is ahead of the conference so that the papers can be processed by the editorial team and any problems can be analyzed and then discussed with authors at the conference.

Authors are encouraged to submit their papers, via their SPMS accounts, well before this deadline in order to avoid difficulties from to overloading of the system.

Submission of Electronic Files

Once the contribution has been prepared according to the paper preparation guidelines, prepare a Postscript (LaTeX users please use the -j0 option with dvips - see the JACoW Site for help about preparing PostScript files).

Only files named according to the paper's programme code can be uploaded via the system. ALL files used to produce the contribution must be uploaded, for example, for paper MOPC001, file names should be

  • MOPC001.pdf - the PDF file
  • - the PostScript file
  • MOPC001.doc - the WORD source file, or
    • MOPC001.tex - the LaTeX source file, if LaTeX was used, or
    • MOPC001.odt - the source file, if OOo was used
  • MOPC001f1.eps - EPS file containing figure 1 (uploaded as "other supporting file")
  • MOPC001f2.tif - TIFF file containing figure 2 (uploaded as "other supporting file")
  •     etc.

(Please note that we have introduced a new upload feature which will automatically generate a .pdf file from your .ps file, enabling you to check the distilling status.)

Once all files are ready for submission, login to your NAPAC16 author account and click on the File Upload link. Then:

  • First submit all of the source files (text and figures) needed to make the paper (be aware that large files may take some time to transfer);
  • Submit the PDF or PostScript file (if the automatic generation of a .ps file as mentioned above is the case: watch the status of the automatically generated distilling to a .pdf file. If any error is given, or if the result differs from the template, please try to produce a better .ps file (referring to the hints mentioned above), and re-upload. If you are unsuccessful, make sure that all of the source files have been successfully uploaded.

Papers will undergo processing by the editorial team from the deadline for submission, and authors can check the result via the log in their NAPAC16 author account.

Editorial Office
The Editorial Office will be located in Columbus A & B.