Venue and Accommodations

Sheraton Grand Chicago
301 East North Water Street
Chicago, IL  United States

The Sheraton Grand Chicago (for general hotel information, click here), located in the heart of the city, will be the host hotel and venue for NAPAC16.  You will be within walking distance of the Magnificent Mile and many other major attractions.

The Sheraton Grand Chicago is offering all attendees the government per diem rate of $215.00 per night for single/double occupancy.  The cut-off date for reservations at the special meeting rate was September 30, 2016 (subject to availability).  Please note that due to events going on in the city of Chicago, we currently have the government per diem rate for our attendees from October 9–14, 2016; please make certain you request these dates only when making your reservations at the Sheraton.  It is PEAK season in Chicago, and rates will be high and get higher as we get closer to the meeting.

Reserve your room online using this link for the special meeting rate.


Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policy:  If you cancel between the date of reservation and 6:00 PM hotel time (CST) on 10/06/2016, there will be no forfeiture amount. If you cancel after 6:00 PM hotel time (CST) on 10/06/2016, the forfeiture amount will be a 1 night stay. 

GTD/Deposit policy: USD 215.00 deposit is due when you reserve your room and will be charged to the credit card provided. Please note that any change in your reservation may change the rate and/or require payment of cancellation fees. For reservations guaranteed with a form of payment at time of booking, rooms are held until hotel check-out time the day following arrival. For reservations not guaranteed with a form of payment at time of booking, rooms are held until set cancellation time per the rules of the reservation. In the event more guests arrive than can be accommodated due to hotel overbooking or an unforeseen circumstance, and hotel is unable to hold rooms consistent with this room hold policy, hotel will attempt to accommodate guests, at its expense, at a comparable hotel in the area for the oversold night(s), and will pay for transportation to that hotel. 


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We have a contracted nightly rate of $20.00/night per vehicle.  Following are the daily rates:

Self Parking* (in and out privileges available)  
Less than 1 hour $26.00
1 to 2 hours $28.00
2 to 6 hours $35.00
6 to 12 hours $38.00
12 to 24 hours $55.00
Banquet Event $35.00
Restaurant Patrons $13.00

*In and Out Privileges Available for Overnight Guests Only


See map of area.

Shipping Instructions

Please use this form for shipping to/from the hotel.  (Exhibitors – Please see separate instructions)