Winners of NAPAC16 Student Poster Session

 Best Posters


Sergey A. Antipov, U Chicago Electron Cloud Trapping in Recycler Combined Function Dipole Magnets
Gerrit Bruhaug, FNAL The Design and Construction of a Resonance Control System for the IOTA Storage Ring
Alexander Cahill, UCLA Measurement of Internal Quality Factor in Cryogenic Copper Accelerators at High Power
Brandon Cathey, ORNL 6D Phase Space Measurement of Low Energy, High Intensity Hadron Beam
Mattia Checchin, FNAL Accelerating Field Enhancement in Superconducting Resonators
Auralee Edelen, Colorado State U. Neural Network Based Controls for Particle Accelerators: Recent Updates
Claudio Emma, UCLA Demonstration of fresh slice self seeding in a hard X-ray free electron laser
Aliaksei Halavanau, Northern Illinois U. Simple Method for Measuring the Electron-Beam Magnetization
Yulu Huang, Institute of Modern Phys, Chinese Academy of Sciences Bench Measurement of a Multifreq. Cavity of the Ultra-fast RF Kicker for ERL Circular Cooler Ring of JLEIC
Alexander Malyzhenkov, LANL Klynac (Combined Klystron and Linac)
Kiersten Ruisard, U. Maryland Early Results and Experimental Plans for Single-Channel Strong Octupole Fields at the University of Maryland Electron Ring
Marlene Turner, CERN Proton Beam Defocusing as a Result of Self-Modulation in Plasma


 Student Participation Sponsorship at NAPAC16

The NAPAC16 Student Grant Program is sponsored by the American Physical Society Division of Physics of Beams (APS-DPB). Student poster prizes are sponsored by CRC Press. Additional student sponsorship is provided by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Phelps Grant.